Visual WhoIs 2004Visual WhoIs 2004

Locate web sites, email addresses and IP addresses on a 3D globe and get detailed information about web site owners and their servers.

vw-300-15Protect your privacy by knowing more! With a single mouse click you will be able to run WhoIs queries for the web site you are currently browsing. Retrieve physical server locations, email origins, perform a visual traceroute on a 3D globe and much more.

Run WhoIs queries and locate servers with a single mouse click!

Visual WhoIs 2004 can perform WhoIs queries against domain names or IP addresses. It locates the address on a 3D globe.

Anyone can use Visual WhoIs 2004. Appropriate WhoIs server for the given query is found automatically and records are immediately shown on the screen. 3D globe will rotate to the correct location and you can zoom in and out as well. Records are cached for a certain period of time to prevent too frequent queries for the same address.



Talking ReminderTalking Remindertrfront-10deg

Easy to use personal reminder software that includes scheduling, calendar and reminder functions.
It will allow you to organize all of the important dates, appointments, and occasions in your life.

Talking Reminder is stand-alone software and you will receive reminders right on your own computer desktop or optionally delivered to your mailbox.