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Easy to use personal reminder software that includes scheduling, calendar and reminder functions.
It will allow you to organize all of the important dates, appointments, and occasions in your life.

Talking Reminder is stand-alone software and you will receive reminders right on your own computer desktop or optionally delivered to your mailbox.


Some of the Talking Reminder features include:
  • Great user interface!
  • Drag and drop support for rescheduling of your events. (simply drag an event to a different date on the main calendar and you are done. Talking reminder will take care of recurrence options and pre reminders for you)
  • Yearly, monthly, weekly, daily or one time reminders with configurable intervals.
  • Pre reminders that offer an easy way to remind you about an event few days before it is actually due. This is done with a simple mouse click. (never forget to buy those birthday presents on time again)
  • Intelligent design that will automatically pre select recurrence interval most common for certain event. For example - if you add a birthday reminder. Talking Reminder will automatically set the recurrence interval to 1 year and by default add a pre reminder to remind you to buy presents few days before the due date. Of course - you can always change this or choose not to use this option at all.
  • Icons on the main calendar help to easily determine how your schedule looks like. Moving your mouse over an event will instantly show it's title and time in the status bar. You can always double click on an icon to see the full event properties.
  • Easy preview of upcoming reminders for next 6 weeks.
  • Speech output that can be used to read out the reminders and/or tell you the current time.
  • Various reminder actions like e-mail alert or file execution in addition to standard popup window.
  • Absolutely configurable user interface. Select among various skins supplied with the product or change the colors and even your background image of the calendar.
  • Great search capabilities.
  • Fail safe reminding capabilities make sure you never miss an event. For example - if you are not around to acknowledge a reminder popup - Talking Reminder could send you an email to make sure you get the message.