An innovative application helping you use your mouse in a more efficient way.

 MouseMojo will detect the direction in which you move your mouse and sign your emails, open web pages, documents, simulate key strokes.... All you have to do is hold your right mouse button down and move your mouse. MouseMojo will execute the action you associated with the movement you made.

Use your mouse in a way you never thought possible!


After you install MouseMojo, your mouse will turn into a magical tool that you can use to accomplish many different tasks simply by moving your mouse.


Easy to use wizard will help you associate mouse movement with the action you want to perform. Once set up - all you have to do is repeat that mouse move and the action will be executed instantly.

Sign your emails with a simple mouse move. Different signatures can be associated with different mouse moves. You could also have a scanned image of your real signature and sign your emails with it. Just move your mouse like you would move a pen at the bottom of your letter!

Simulate keystrokes. Move your mouse and MouseMojo could simulate various keyboard keys and shortcuts.

Start Applications. Applications you use frequently could be started easily by simply moving your mouse. Clean your desktop of frequently used shortcut icons.

Open files. Files that you use frequently could be opened this way as well.

Open your browser with predefined web pages. Most frequently used web pages could be opened with MouseMojo as well.

Insert any kind of content anywhere. With MouseMojo - you can save your clipboard content and insert it into any application any time.

Automatically open your file explorer with a folder of your choice. How often have you opened your file explorer and repeated same step over and over again just to navigate to the folder you frequently use? With MouseMojo - simply move your mouse and you will be exploring your most common folders in seconds!